A New State of Living -Thriveation!

A New State of Living -Thriveation!

It is so easy to get stressed with the day-to-day busy-ness of life. How about living with a sense of well-being by moving from a state of striving to thriving…. THRIVEATION, my friends!

Therese Weber helps people thrive through Higher Brain Living!

MONDAY, MAY 18TH, 2015
3:00pm CST

In addition to a successful business career, a life-long commitment to growing conscious awareness and spirituality has spurred Therese Weber on to continuous learning. Therese holds a Board Certification as a Hypnotist, including Medical and Sports Hypnosis, and is also a graduate of the Integrated Awareness Technique. Most recently, Therese became an Advanced Licenses Higher Brain Living Facilitator. The Higher Brain Living process allows people to access their untapped potential to live from their authentic self to create the life of their dreams.

THRIVEATION supports this practice as well as identifies and utilizes other personal growth / transformative processes that engage people to effectively move beyond barriers; e.g., fear or inertia to perceive new possibilities. Thriveation’s mission is not static or fixed; it is continuously evolving and renewing to contribute to our boldly acknowledging the divinity within to experience more empowerment, happiness, joy, love and prosperity…and what else is possible?

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