About Heidi

Heidi Alfrey recognized the importance of living nakedly in 1983 when she awoke in a jail cell after her third arrest for drinking and driving. It suddenly was painfully clear this kind of life was true imprisonment.

She’d been living with a sense of confinement, addiction and loneliness for so long that she lost sight of her real self. Life seemed unlivable, with or without alcohol. The possibility of jail time was a great motivator, and Heidi recognized the unsustainable path she was on. All that lay ahead was more destruction, misery and suffering.

Once Heidi stopped lying to herself, she realized the damage addiction had done to her sense of authenticity and self-worth. Through the loving support of two powerful spiritual communities, Alcoholics Anonymous and Unity, she was able to drop her self-defeating patterns of denial and shame. New doors started to open. The secrets she been keeping blocked what she most wanted in life: joy, love and freedom. As Heidi continued on this new path of awakening, she was amazed to discover she had nothing to hide! As trust became a way of life and she let people see her “spiritual nakedness” rather than covering up her vulnerability, she noticed she was able to receive the precious gift of unconditional love. Most importantly, she learned to love herself.

Rev. Heidi Alfrey, M.S.

For the last decade, Heidi’s been creating sacred transformational space for individuals and groups. She facilitates courses nationwide on all aspects of skillful spiritual living and frequently speaks and leads seminars on the power and benefits of transparent, naked living.

She is an ordained Unity minister and holds a Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. Heidi combines her life experience and innate ability to “hear what is not being said” as she guides many in peeling off the layers of the false self in her one-on-one and group empowerment coaching.

Heidi’s weekly Unity online radio program (www.unity.fm), Let’s Get Naked: Revealing Our Authentic Selves, features revealing interviews with people who have chosen to live in bold authenticity. These inspiring conversations expose the power of living nakedly, the spiritual responsibility to be yourself, no matter what.