Be yourself and the world around you will change!

Be yourself and the world around you will change!

Gay marriage is legal in the United States as a constitutional right! That spiriutal/political evolution is due to the multitude of LGBTQ people who didn’t refuse to be who they are!

Mark Anthony Lord is one of those people, and we celebrate his triumphant story in Monday’s interview.

MONDAY, JUNE 29th, 2015 – ENCORE
3:00pm CST

Mark Anthony Lord is an internationally recognized, new-era, Inspirational Leader, speaker, and teacher. His personal mission is to assist people in awakening to the power of self-love, acceptance, and JOY. He is the author of two books – The Seven Living Words, an illuminated perspective on the seven last words of Jesus, and Thou Shall Not Suffer – 7 steps to a life of joy! His newest work, PRIDE 2.0 – the next wave of freedom for the lgbtq world, is a global hub/website created to assist lgbtq people, and those that love them, in becoming free from internalized homophobia (shame and self-rejection). PRIDE 2.0 ushers in the vision that every lgbtq person fully loves and accepts themself, which in turn will create a more loving, honoring, and harmonious world.

A passionate, life-long learner, Mark Anthony received his training at Unity, Agape International Spiritual Center, Science of Mind, and Oneness University in India. He is an extremely gifted communicator who uses humor, current events, and personal stories to help people ask deep questions that allow genuine transformation. He is a master at translating ancient sacred teachings into accessible language and his messages are inspiring and practical.

He is most proud of his deep knowing that being gay is a gift not just for himself but the world, for eighteen years with his husband, Patrick, and the loving family they continue to create for themselves and their beloved dogs.

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