Being Yourself: Your birthright and your responsibility!

Being Yourself: Your birthright and your responsibility!

We are all on a spiritual path whether we know it or not, temporarily housed in a human body. For most of us, just taking care of the body is a huge job, but what if you knew, really knew, that you did not identify with your body, especially your gender.

Carly Lehwald is such a soul. Carly knew at 9 that being in a male body was not what she knew to be true for her. Like most of us, not knowing that there was a solution, she just keep “pretending” to be what the world needed her to be.

MONDAY, June 20, 2016
3:00pm CST

Lehwald said she knew from an early age “there was something different about me.” She said she secretly experimented with cross-dressing over the years but it wasn’t until a friend completed her transition that she began researching transgender issues and “discovered myself in my research.”

Lehwald said nine years ago she began taking hormones she purchased over the Internet (which she doesn’t recommend), and later told her wife about her love of cross-dressing. About four years ago, Lehwald made the decision to go forward with her transition.

Carly’s son, Ben, a teenager, had the idea to create and pitch a docu-series about his journey growing up with a transgender parent. The idea caught Ryan Seacrest’s attention and the show “Becoming Us” aired on ABC last summer.


When I met and talked with Carly I was so inspired by her clarity, candidness and focus as she’s navigated this heart-led journey to “be herself”. She is one of my new she-roes.

Listen in on Monday for my final show before I take summer break.

Carly will remind you that living your life authentically is the only way to be truly happy. Her story will open your heart and sharpen your tenacity to listen to your intuitive knowing… no matter what!

Thanks for being with me for so many years…

Authenticity Rocks!!

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