Embodyed Wellness

Are you feeling tired for no reason, overwhelmed, low on energy? Your body is trying to get your attention!!

Wellness is a way of life, from the inside out. Join our conversation Monday as Colleen Manning discusses her journey from food sensitivities to a life of vibrancy and radiant health. We end the interview with ideas for your “Embodyed Wellness”!

MONDAY, Nov 9, 2015
3:00pm CST

Growing up on a rural farm in Montana set the foundation for my life of eating a balanced diet. Every year we planted our quarter acre garden which was rich in a variety of vegetables. During the winter months we consumed our fruits and vegetables which were canned during the fall.

Over the past twelve years I have considered myself to be a healthy person, yet still felt unbalanced. In 2001 I started a demanding job with a large corporation and started feeling lethargic throughout the day, even after a great night’s sleep. The fatigue continued to get worse each year. During this time I saw a variety of physicians, including several naturopaths. Numerous tests were performed, yet nothing came back conclusive. In 2013 other symptoms started to develop, and to survive the demands of my high stress job, I took daily naps in my car on my lunch break.

In 2008 I was tested for food allergies and an additional round of testing in 2013 concluded that I was allergic to gluten, dairy and corn. Unlocking the key to my health issues was a life-changing moment and involved a future of cultivating self-knowledge to figure out replacement foods which were nutritious and satisfying. My vision is to create a simple, comprehensive wellness program for individuals which starts one’s journey from the inside out. Additionally, my mission is to guide individuals through the challenges with hidden food intolerances and coach clients to become their own wellness advocate.

You can contact Colleen Manning at cmanning11@comcast.net

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