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Feeling stuck? Melt away the barriers to bliss with Ocean of Devotion! (encore)

Feeling stuck? Melt away the barriers to bliss with Ocean of Devotion! (encore)

Looking for a shift in your thoughts, behavior, emotions, or life circumstances? Could SOUND MEDITATION bring you to a higher vibration?

Tune in as gong master and spiritual guide Preston Klik tells us how sound meditation can break up our old patterns and open up our minds and hearts!

MONDAY, August 24, 2015
3:00pm CST

Come visit Unity in Chicago for MidWeek at the Oasis! Wednesday night Aug 26th at 7 pm Experience a vibrational shift with gong master Preston Klik as he washes us in his sound healing odyssey called Ocean of Devotion!

OCEAN OF DEVOTION is a gentle-but-dynamic sound meditation. OCEAN – sometimes loud – is most often tranquil & soothing. Preston, who has been a musician all of his life, plays a trio of gongs (including a customized 36-inch HEART GONG), plus crystal bowls, Bombay Temple Bowls, ocean drum, etc. Lit by candles, this richly cinematic musical odyssey is as beautiful to the eye as it is to the ear, heart, body, and mind. Relaxing and often healing, OCEAN inspires deep inner journeying in a community context.

You can learn all about Preston at

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