Find your Soul… Find Yourself!

Find your Soul… Find Yourself!

Before she became a true Soul Searcher, Emma Mildon was stretched out and overworked. As a young, working-class, bohemian looking for a quick and easy spiritual fix that could fill the gap she felt in her life, Emma did what any self-respecting modern girl would do: she googled “how to be spiritual.” It turned out Google wasn’t as helpful on the topic as she had hoped…

MONDAY, Nov 16, 2015
3:00pm CST

But every spiritual journey has to begin somewhere so Emma set out to travel the world, gobbling up New Age wisdom wherever she found it. And now she’s compiled it all in The Soul Searcher’s Handbook, bringing aromatherapy, astrology, numerology, meditation, Feng Shui, crystals, spiritual philosophy, and spiritual healing into a modern context for the modern, bohemian seeker.

Emma Mildon is an international columnist, surfer, author, and spiritual explorer. As a world traveler, Emma has sought out medicine men, healers, physicists, authors, and artists to explore spirituality, channeling, healing as well as practiced meditation and yoga along her the way to becoming a “spiritual PA.” Throughout it all, Emma has connected with like-minded soul searchers across the globe and aims to provide fun spiritual wisdom to her generation. She currently lives in Auckland, New Zealand.

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