Honoring the Man Within!

Honoring the Man Within!

What role models do men have growing up? Soldiers, Superheroes, Tough guys? Does our culture support men to “go within” and know who they truly are? No, it doesn’t!

Joe Zefran has created a one-day retreat entitled Honoring the Man Within, assisting men in finding that power within rather than exerting power over others.

MONDAY, JUNE 8th, 2015
3:00pm CST

Joe Zefran, long time Unity in Chicago member, has over 27 years’ experience in men’s inner work, 45 years as a social worker/therapist/university teacher and is a husband and father of two.

Joe has created a one-day retreat entitled Honoring the Man Within, helping men stop the “doing” and practice some “being”. Joe and John Greven will assist men in finding that power within rather than exerting power over others. They will hold this workshop at Unity in Chicago onSaturday June 13th from 9am – 4:30pm


Men, give yourself a day off, just for you…
A day to enrich your masculine love, power and wisdom.
A day to listen to your soul with other men of quality.
A day to strengthen how you are living as a man – husband/partner, father, worker, leader.

Honoring Our Positive Male Energies
LOVER: A Man who Cares
WARRIOR: A Man who Protects
MAGICIAN: A Man who is Wise
KING: A Man who Blesses and Leads

Contact Joe Zefran at 773-562-2011 orjoezefran@comcast.net

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