If you eat with Gratitude, Your Life will be Gourmet!

If you eat with Gratitude, Your Life will be Gourmet!

Food glorious Food! In our fast-paced world with our “fast food” the importance of savoring and celebrating the food that we put in to our bodies’ temples can be forgotten. Even though we have all started moving faster life still goes at the same pace. Our food/energy must become a time of gratitude if these precious bodies are going to be sustained.

“But I don’t have the time to prepare good food!!”, you say. You are in luck… Grateful Gourmet To Go to the rescue!

MONDAY, Sept. 14, 2015
3:00pm CST

Margaret Cvercko was inspired by the community connection she found at Unity in Chicago – particularly at the “Wednesday Cafe” meals prepared before service. She noticed how much people appreciated the food that was so lovingly prepared.

With the support of Rev. Heidi and her Unity family, she was encouraged to explore her culinary gifts and Grateful Gourmet To Go was born! Grateful Gournet To Go combines healthy gourmet meals with positive affirmations. Not only does Margaret prepare (and deliver) the food with love, but she includes an affirmation so that the intention of the meal is one of health, gratitude, and joy.

For more information, email margaret@gratefulgourmetogo.com.

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