Look in the Mirror… and See Your Divinity!!

Look in the Mirror… and See Your Divinity!!

Healing comes from looking in the mirror… and facing the truth.

Twenty-five years ago, when Ester Nicholson looked in the mirror, she saw a broken young woman—a teenage mom hopelessly addicted to crack, food, abusive relationships, anything to bury her shame and self-hatred. Today, Ester is an acclaimed healer with a breakthrough spiritual approach to the 12-Step recovery process that’s proven more effective because of its integration with empowering divinity-within principals.

MONDAY, January 26, 2015
3:00pm CST

With her book Soul Recovery – 12 Keys to Healing Addiction (Agape Media/Hay House) she tells her profoundly inspiring story and systematically reveals the spiritually transforming process she used to liberate herself from crippling addiction. “Our day- to-day dealings are grounded in our root beliefs, and those beliefs are predicated on what I call ‘core wounds,’” Ester explains. “The more we can heal those core wounds, the more we can experience wholeness and live a life of purpose and strength.”

Find out about Ester’s many events… www.esternicholson.com

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