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“The Naked Truth is always better than a well-dressed lie.”

“Are you as happy as your dog?”
- Alan Cohen

Naked is…

the opportunity to live the life you were born to live, the life you would have lived if you were not taught how to fear conditions, money, people and events.

Naked is…

the ability to ask for what you want, receive what you need, and feel free to explore any and everything your heart desires.

Naked is…

being able to speak openly and listen attentively and have healthy, vibrant relationships. Naked is your birthright!

My question is … was anyone out there not born naked?

Of course not, but we’ve spent our lives clothing ourselves in beliefs that were passed down to us by our families, religions, educational systems, and cultures. As a young person, you did not know you had a choice but to believe everything you observed and were told. You took it in, just like a sponge. Then life puts people and events into our lives that challenge these lies in the hope we can release the lie and live in the Truth: your nakedness.

This movement is absolutely about loving your body, the Temple of your Soul, but it is also the practice of being naked with your clothes ON. That is the application in one’s life.

Authentic naked living is not taught, so much as it is experienced. Heidi Alfrey, the Naked Coach, creates sacred space seminars for people to be able to get honest about where they are stuck and to move onto the other side—the next level of living. She works in a group environment, but through her one-on-one work, the entire group benefits. The transparency that emerges is the by-product of this transformation, and everyone experiences a greater sense of freedom.

The world needs you to be you. Don’t deprive the world of your nakedness one more day!

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