The Next Generation of Toltec Wisdom – don Jose Ruiz

The Next Generation of Toltec Wisdom – don Jose Ruiz

The Wisdom lives on…

Let don Jose Ruiz, son of don Miguel Ruiz, co-authors of The Fifth Agreement, inspire us to live by the ancient and powerful teachings of the Toltec.

MONDAY, January 19, 2015
3:00pm CST

Navigate the highs and lows of life with spiritual guru and bestselling author don Jose Ruiz in his collection of short stories. From rattlesnakes and rebellion to swamis and shamans, these stories show you how you can find your true path and discover yourself in the process.

A personal and candid account, “My Good Friend the Rattlesnake” describes don Jose’s journey of self-discovery and transformation. As a teenager, don Jose became lost in the misery of drug addiction and spiraled into a pattern of self-destruction until the death of a dear friend woke him to the reality of his bad choices.

In a series of personal anecdotes, don Jose shares lessons learned from his painful experiences, gleaning from the wisdom of his father and from the traditions of swamis and shamans, and offers insights on how to discover your true and unique purpose in life.

Come hear don Jose Ruiz speak at Unity in Chicago!January 30th at 7pm, followed by book signing.
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