The Sounds of Silence

The Sounds of Silence

It is hard to believe in this world where “being busy and productive” is the highest priority, that prolonged Silence is even something someone who consider!

What I’ve learned about dedicated Silence is that it opens a deeper knowing that can not be accessed without detaching from the “outer world”.

John Michael Pudelek is a man that has explored long periods of silence with the result of calm and clarity.

MONDAY, June 13, 2016
3:00pm CST

For John Michael Pudelek,
SILENCE is where the “magic” is at.
Starting a recovery journey many years ago, he felt the need to deeply face and release everything that was keeping him from wholeness. His Spiritual path has taken many twists and turns through the years, leading him to finding Yoga & Meditation, then Kriya Yoga. While always enjoying time spent alone in nature, and the beauty and quiet it provides, only when he went on solitude retreats for extended periods did he really begin to experience something more than just quiet.

Fr. Richard Rohr, from the Center of Action & Contemplation in New Mexico says…”You do not hear silence, but it is that by which you do hear. You cannot capture silence. It captures you. Silence is a kind of thinking that is not thinking. It’s a kind of thinking which mostly sees (contemplata). Silence, then, is an alternative consciousness.” John could not agree more!

After long retreats & so much silence, “I truly felt that I was leaving a profound “presence” and returning to another type of consciousness.” I once said to a friend, “What’s going on inside of me is more interesting than what’s going on outside.”

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