Transparent Living Ministries

Thank you for being a devoted listener to my online radio show, Let’s Get Naked: Revealing Your Authentic Self.

Every month the audience grows as more are exposed to these “naked” interviews. Lives are changing!

My mission is to teach, encourage and inspire others through spiritual counseling, retreats, workshops, therapy groups and of course the radio show. I hold the vision that all people will have the opportunity to experience the joy of an authentic life.

To further this cause and support the vision, I founded Transparent Living Ministries as a venue to offer services directly to you.

Would you like to live with the freedom to be yourself and encourage others to do the same? Your donation to Transparent Living Ministries  builds a world of authenticity!

Your tax-deductible gifts are received gratefully. I’d like to send you a Live Naked bracelet for each $50 donation – use it as a daily inspiration to strip off life’s emotional disguises, or give to a friend. Remember – you have nothing to hide!