What is Naked?

“The Naked Truth is always better than a well-dressed lie.”

“Are you as happy as your dog?”
– Alan Cohen

Naked is…

the opportunity to live the life you were born to live, the life you would have lived if you were not taught how to fear conditions, money, people and events.

Naked is…

the ability to ask for what you want, receive what you need, and feel free to explore any and everything your heart desires.

Naked is…

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Born This Way

I wonder how it would be to live like we were born? Naked and Free….unless anyone out there was NOT born naked …this is our birthright!

Picture in your mind any new-born you know….or have been around…these are the characteristics you will witness…

1. they expect life to work.

2. they are not ashamed of any of their feelings or where it is appropriate to have those feelings

3. they expect people to adore and nurture them, they trust everyone

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Swimming Au Naturel

One day a friend and I set out to swim au naturel in the mountain pools near my home. Soon after we arrived, a few people showed up. I should probably put my bathing suit on, I thought. These people may find my nudity offensive. Then I thought, But I was here first. Besides, most people swim naked here. I’ll just carry on as I am and trust that everyone will be fine.

A short time later, a family showed up. Now I should really put my suit on, I thought. But we were here first, I remembered. Kids usually go naked anyway. I’ll just trust that everyone will be okay with it. Half an hour later, a tour group arrived…

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