Why is Unity the world’s “best kept secret”?

Why is Unity the world’s “best kept secret”?

If you’ve been around Unity for any length of time you have heard the above statement. Since we believe that thoughts held in mind produce after in kind, why do we keep saying this and what can we do to shift that thinking, thereby changing the dynamic?

I met Tom Brown while visiting Unity in Marin and he posed that question to me… so let’s get naked and talk about it!!

MONDAY, Oct. 26, 2015
3:00pm CST

Tom Brown is a Californian who travels daily life as a Unity prayer chaplain, business consultant, abstract artist, and commodities market trader. He is a strong advocate and daily practitioner of Unity teachings and affirmative prayer, having begun his New Thought journey in the Church of Religious Science then adopting Unity in 2004. A great grandson of a tent-preaching evangelist*, he spent early life as a Methodist, then migrating to the Episcopal Church where he served on the Board of the Cathedral in Boise, lead pledge campaigns, and participated in the Cursillo Movement. He describes his discovery of New Thought as like that of a heart attack victim reviving from receiving an oxygen mask.

Tom is a business strategy consultant, marketing researcher, and depth interviewer. His consulting firm, Power Decisions Group, has conducted market studies for Fortune 500 banks and technology companies.

You can connect with Tom at tom@powerdecisions.com.

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