Wouldn’t you like to find a Jewel by the Sea?

Wouldn’t you like to find a Jewel by the Sea?

Well I know where they are… in beautiful San Diego!

Linda Jalving is my guest Monday. She’ll talk about living your dream… Her journey to Unity, the creation of a love-filled beach side jewelry business in San Diego, and a recent trip to Tanzania!!

MONDAY, Feb 22, 2016
3:00pm CST

Linda Ronelle Jalving has been a Spiritual seeker her whole life. Raised in a traditional Presbyterian family, Linda started questioning her religion early on. In anguished poetry written under the stair wells in high school, Linda cried out the Big Questions – “Why Am I here?” “Can God change my tears to joy?” “Who are you, God?” with the petition “Answer Me, Lord, Answer Me!” at the end of each poem. These questions were gradually answered as her life progressed. She turned away from her family’s church and started studying the teachings of Ram Dass, Emmanuel, Abraham-Hicks, and other Spiritual leaders, all the while building her career in the jewelry business by working for a chain jewelry store. Life was good for the most part, but as we all know,
Spirit calls us to grow!

Suffering through a divorce, Linda “happened” upon a therapist for help, who also “happened” to be a Unity minister. With the introduction of the “Daily Word” into her life, she sought a Spiritual Community that reflected the values of the publication, and became a member of Rev. Blair Tabor’s church, Unity San Diego. She cried with the feeling of finally finding her Spiritual and church “home” during her first visit there. That was 20 years ago. Successfully navigating through her divorce with help from her new community, she built a strong foundation for the growth that Spirit (mostly) gently nudged her to. Church afforded her a opportunity for her music ministry, being a semi-professional singer, too.

Linda is also a graduate Gemologist and has a passion for matching jewelry to people, considering jewelry a wonderful artistic and unique expression of “wearable art”. After 22 years in her job, she felt stressed, under-appreciated, and on a “burn out” path, with the pressures of having 10 employees to manage, as well as constantly answering to the “boss”. It just wasn’t much fun anymore. The seed of opening her own shop was planted in a conversation with a friend early on in her career, and although at the time it seemed like a pipe dream, it was always in the back of her mind.

Today, Linda is going to share with us her journey to a life that she now finds deeply satisfying, and yet still moving forward in her growth…including a WONDERFUL trip to Tanzania where she met the wonderful and joyful Heidi Alfrey!!

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