Your life can feel like a jungle… Unless you work at a zoo!

Your life can feel like a jungle… Unless you work at a zoo!

Shannon Layne’s life did feel like a jungle until she found her true calling working at a zoo.

MONDAY, Dec. 14th, 2015
3:00pm CST

Shannon grew up in a small town in Indiana with a love of water, music, and animals. She works as an animal trainer at the Lincoln Park Zoo; her job with animals is a life-long dream realized. Working with a variety of species, some highly endangered, her underlying passion is to share her experiences with animals to help others cultivate an appreciation for and desire to conserve and protect all wildlife.

Aside from these of-the-world endeavors, Shannon has found herself on a 9 1/2 year path of sobriety and healing from sexual abuse and sees the journey inward as the most precious, terrifying, daunting, and rewarding one there is. Her deepest desire is to become entirely free from old stories, shame, beliefs, and limiting ego constructs and to continue to wake up to the truth of she is as pure spirit and unconditional love. She relies heavily on leaning into the teachings of many spiritual leaders and is grateful for how the universe always shows up to point the way for the next step and the next transformation from fear to love.

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