Life is a continuum …and if life is everlasting, shouldn’t we be able to venture through the thin veil and get messages from the “other side”?

James Van Praagh, a pioneer amoung spiritual mediums, a New York time best-selling author, a TV producer and one of the most popular Hay House radio show hosts is an expert in guiding participants into their own spiritual awareness.

Mr. Van Praagh’s illustrious career has seen him author #1 New York Times Best Selling books such as Talking to Heaven, Unfinished Business, Adventures of the Soul, and a multitude of others. He was the host of his own daytime show entitled: Beyond with James Van Praagh and was also a successful producer for CBS television, producing Living with the Dead, his autobiographical mini-series starring Ted Danson, The Dead Will Tell staring Eva Longoria and finally the most successful television series he created and produced, The Ghost Whisperer, starring Jennifer Love Hewitt. In 2014 he quickly became one of the most popular radio hosts on the Hay House international radio network, with his weekly show Talking to Spirit. In that same year he produced and hosted an on line downloadable series, to impart spiritual wisdom and insights entitled: Spirit Talk. And lastly, Mr. Van Praagh is very excited to announce that for the past three months he has been working very hard creating his own state of the art on-line school entitled: James Van Praagh’s School of Mystical Arts.

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